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19 febbraio 2012

23:46 | by Desert Rose | Categories: , | 3 comments

Stasera sono di poche parole, dopo una notte passata in treno adesso voglio solo vedere il letto! Quindi bando alle ciance, stasera una canzone d'atmosfera, buonanotte!

Tonight I won't spend many words, after spending the whole night on a train I just wanna jump in my bed! So no more words, a chill out song, goodnight!

3 commenti:

  1. Hope you did get some nice sleep, I love sleeping on the trains can barely keep my eyes open as soon as I get on one!

    1. Thank you Phlox! I was awakening from time to time but the journey was pretty ok :D

  2. Questa mi ricorda di quando ero alle superiori :)