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26 febbraio 2012

00:12 | by Desert Rose | Categories: , | 2 comments

Questa sera una canzone pescata dai ricordi adolescenziali, quando vivevo di pane ed Mtv Europe (che era in inglese ed era mooolto più bella di adesso - modalità anziana che sostiene che ai suoi tempi era tutto meglio on :P)...buonanotte con la grande Bjork!

Tonight a song coming from my teenage memories, when Mtv Europe was constantly turned on (it was  in English and was waaaaay much better than now - old grandma saying when she was young everything was better mode on :P)...goodnight with the great Bjork!

2 commenti:

  1. I love Björk! my favorite song with her is Drop All Anchars I think it's called. anyway she sings about her living near the ocean and diving into it. I love the oboe and that together with her voice!
    and also; check out our blog, there's an award for you there!/Azure

    1. She's so awesome! I love how she's always able to create a dreamy atmosphere, I guess I missed that song so gotta check it out! Aaaaw, thank you, will come to check right now!!